Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


Few years ago I participated in a workshop about Positive Psychology by Tal Ben-Shahar.
The basic idea of the Positive psychology is that it does not ask what does not work, but asks what does work. What worked in the past and what it would take to implement it.

One of the tools that was recommended by Tal is writing to write every night five things that we're grateful.
He said that people who regularly write the things they're grateful to them, they people who experience more optimistic, are more prosperous and more healthy.

I am not writing every night, not even once a month, but today is the right time to do it:
1.     I am grateful for being a photographer
2.     I am grateful for having my sisters and their kids
3.     I am grateful for having the courage to make a big change in my life
4.     I am grateful for having my friends
5.     I am grateful for the first time the subway arrived so fast (last night)

Happy thanksgiving!


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